Do you enjoy November ?

Personally, I have previously answered by the negative, this month having a bitter taste .. I have often been eager to return to the festive period of the end of the year. November is a transitional month. I always loved the month of October: autumn is here, with its multicolored forests, its soft sun and its bright blue skies. What memories of walks in the woods, from wherever I lived, in the forest of Chevreuse in the south of Paris, in the massif of Chartreuse and now back to my native area, in the hills of the Lyon’s mounts, The sweet scents damp undergrowth, pickings of mushrooms in the Haute-Loire and in Lozère, afternoons to pick nuts, walnuts and chestnuts in family are all beautiful memories that I like to renew as often as possible, as a pilgrimage.

December is for me synonymous with lights, in the streets, houses, with all the fervor that precedes Christmas. It is also often the first snows, which come to enjoy the children and worry our elders. I was astonished to see the enthusiasm of the Finns, whatever their age, for the arrival of snow in November, so that the white mantle will brighten up the short and often dark days.

Between these two periods, November rhymes with winter time, a random weather, less gardening, storage the garden lounge in the garage, the first frosts, and also the celebrations of the memory by us(Toussaint, Armistice). I seek for much light, eternal source of energy and good humor. The extraverty personalities to which I belong are there very sensitive and ask for photons to recharge our battery.

And yet, in spite of that, this famous month of November seems to me to have a certain attraction. Let us observe nature: the circular character and turned towards the earth. Plants and animals gradually prepare themselves for winter coldness, deciduous trees lose their leaves by reducing the sap , the animals make their reserve of berries of all kinds. For us, human beings, around me, bloom many indoor salons to enhance the link: vintage cars, wines and gastronomy. Also literary prizes pop up these days.. Professionally also, the forums are numerous. All in all, this period closes the loop, a moment to more return on ourself or within our dears. Personally, it is the time when I love to go to the cinema or in a family show, well seated in a comfortable armchair. This is an ideal opportunity to allow yourself to take a step back on the things of life, a little let go.

Unfortunately, in the business world, the opposite is often the case: employees are at 150% to finalize the deliveries of this last quarter and to reach the budget while preparing the following fiscal year …. I see many employees caught in this double spiral, waiting for the next Christmas holidays as the coming of the messiah …

And if we take the risk of losing a little time in this ‘resourcing’ month of November, the profit could be all the stronger at the dawn of next year.

Richard, 15 November 2016

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