You wish strenghten your management identity , develop your management and leadership skills.
You need to increase your census to support your business growth.

Trainer in frenchpolytechnic institutes :

Senior certified trainer in team performance, leadership and management, communication, conflicts management, change and agility.

Quality training : quality and technical audit, problem solving tools (8D,…), advanced quality planning and improvements tools (FMEAs, SPC…).

Managing personality profiles (Process Communication Management, Com’Colors certified trainer achieved in jan 2016, MBTI type also certified since may 2016).

DRIBBL is declared training center institute recorded under the #84 42 02892 42 closed by the county Auvergne Rhône Alpes Prefect.
This record does not stand for a state agreement.

2017 training catalog is available on the following link : trainingcatalogdribbl_2017