DRIBBL is now also proposing MBTI type for individual and teams coaching

After having passed the certification as ComColors model trainer in January 2016, I decided this spring to complete my range of coaching tools for individual and teams by the MBTI type training. Why this indicator in the DRIBBL tool box already well filled ?
First, the MBTI indicator is the most used worldwide questionnaire personality profiles and this for over 20 years. It is therefore a serious guarantee recognition and effectiveness in this area. It also relies on years of research that have strengthened its validity and reliability. On the other hand, the deepening of the theoretical foundations based on the theories of psychiatrist Carl Jung was a really step forward increasing from my perspective the possible fields of application in the discovery of interviews, including the deployment of DRIBBL in worldwide and multicultural ecosystem.
Concepts of preference are very interesting and relevant to grasp. The personal impact reports are, as for the ComColors model, questioned during interviews discoveries and their contents generally impress the candidates by their rich content and the opportunity that is offered to continue exploration and set up action plans towards change management, and also how to use timely and in an effective manner preferences (comfort zone, natural), and opposite preferences (discomfort zone, demanding more energy and time).
Finally, exploration of type dynamics light on the psychodynamics of personality and provides a valuable development scheme for the candidates to better manage his/her stress reactions and indicate his/her objectives and possible development paths.
The quote “know yourself” engraved on the pediment of the temple in Delphes is definitely a founding pillar of the DRIBBL’s mission.

Richard Pailleux, may11th 2016

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