Trainer’s satisfactions : “ex-ducere”

I would like in this new article to share with you my pleasure to be a trainer in HR issues.
First, this activity allows me to be in contact with multiple environments and functions, from the world of the University to that of the Industry. So I meet different expectations and strive to “customize” both my programs according to the profile of the participants, and taking care to vary my teaching styles the maximum I can to take into account the different preferences of trainees. Co-build a training program with the customer brings me great satisfaction and motivation, because it gives a common and shared meaning to my work.
So I’ve just prepared with great interest 2 new interventions in new customers, one based in my county and the other in USA – great personal satisfaction to finally train abroad in English. The preparation was carried out in full coordination with the HR manager of those 2 companies (medium size -150 to 200p), where the meaning-process- content trilogy approach is fully respected.
Besides the diversity of contacts, synonymous with social and human wealth, I also enjoy the freedom to personally adapt my program to customer needs. The criterion which fundamentally motivates me is to allow during this exchange time to address self-knowledge. During our school period(up to the university door), yet this essential theme of the growth and knowledge of the individual is never addressed to me properly, at least by us.
The word education comes from the Latin term ‘ex-ducere’, meaning “guide / lead out” .. I think it was slashed in a pure teaching. Moreover, many teachers are presented only as teachers of a particular knowledge beyond community life of learning: work together. I remember with a bitter taste of the end of philosophy courses, where data seemed so abstruse. I would have preferred so that we teach me how to better communicate and manage difficult situations depending on our personalities: relation to oneself, self-awareness, self-importance and others.
The training is only profitable when you see there a change that meets the expectations of the person. Form is to learn, understand and implement new approaches that will enable me to achieve my goal more effectively and with motivation.
I close with a quote from Galilee: “You can not teach people. We can only help them discover they already have in them all that is to learn. ”
Richard, September 30th 2016

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